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Applied structural sciences

The path to new technologies

General description

In accordance with their interdisciplinary nature, the structural sciences can be applied equally to non-living and living, to natural and artificial systems. This has led to important technological innovations; today these are especially conspicuous in progress in bioinformatics, synthetic biology, bionics, evolutionary biotechnology, neuro-informatics, robotics and computer linguistics. The social application of the structural sciences has been brought to bear on socionics, logistics, structural economics and business informatics. In accordance with their universal character, the structural sciences have constituted the basis of scientific and technological progress in the 21st century.

As the application of the structural sciences has erased the traditional borders of reality, a sharp distinction between the applied structural sciences and their related disciplines is not possible. The division into topics shown here reflects the current research landscape and is not intended to reflect any absolute or inherent demarcations.


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