Robotics, or robot technology, deals with the mechanical modelling of living organisms, with their regulation and with controlling them electronically. Particularly important are the so-called humanoid robots, which today are already able to imitate major motoric functions of humans.

Robots are nowadays used in many areas of research and industry, in medicine and in space travel. An area of potential future application of robotics is that of nanotechnology, where it is conceivable that microscopically small robots (“nanorobots”) may be put into action.

Attempts to build automata were made already in ancient world. In the 18th century, automata made by Jacques de Vaucanson attracted much attention – these included a mechanical flautist and a mechanical duck. However, it was the development of electronic components in the 1940s and 1950s that paved the way for modern robotics. The robot ASIMO, made by the company Honda, is a highly-developed example of a humanoid robot.


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